Mar 11, 2018 11 00 AM EDT
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Collar Talk Seminar

Learn how to use corrective collars in a way that you're punishing/decreasing the "behavior" and not your dog.

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Collar Talk Seminar

We will be covering:
  • What the collars are used for, and placement. 
  • Our methods of using a Corrective Collar
  • Operant Conditioning 
  • Positive Punishment & Behavior Extinction 
  • Prong & E-Collar Maintenance 
  • The Handlers Involvement in Collar Introduction
  • Collar Abuse and Misuse/ Myth Busting 
  • We will touch slightly on our training methods leading up to the introduction of a corrective collar
  • Demo of Usage on one of our personal dogs
  • Handler Body Language while using a corrective collar
  • The Importance of Positive reinforcement while using a corrective collar/Paychecks. 
  • ...and much more. 
This seminar is meant to shed some light on the stigma surrounding the topic of collar usage, such as: inducing fear into a dog, breaking down a dog, crippling confidence in a dog, and increase of anxiety driven behaviors while using a corrective collar. This is a great opportunity to come out and learn new information that you may not have heard before, educate yourself on more in depth 'Applied Behavior Analysis'  topics such as Behavior Extinction, and Operant Conditioning- and how they pertain to your canine partner. We focus on building dogs to the peak of their abilities, while encouraging handler focus and engagement. We want every person to leave this seminar with a fresh look at Corrective Collars, and the knowledge to meet their dogs on a level playing field. 
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